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Igloo, tepee, Bedouin tent. Humanity’s need for shelter has a history as long as the discovery of fire and the evolution of language. But if we were merely content to keep out the blizzard or sandstorm, it’s likely we wouldn’t have travelled far from the simplest shelters of sapling and animal hide. With our boundless thirst for discovery, we have always sought more. From a dome of ice or a desert tent, we have transcended base materials to make metal, timber, concrete and stone leap and fly, creating spaces of security for sure - but also places of magic and mystery that inspire and delight.  
Manchester Music Hall : Architect Zaha Hadid
Base Structures / Tony Hogg Design
As our name Artura implies, we represent the synthesis of art and structure, combining technical know-how with creative flair. At Artura, we listen to our clients, collaborating with them at every step of the design process to make their vision a reality, finding solutions to the greatest technical challenges and caring for the smallest detail of the biggest of pictures. At Artura, our team bring first class experience and expertise in design and engineering to the tensile fabric and architectural structures industry.  
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The creative mind of the human race has long sought out the magical equation that combines resilience of structure, elegance of form and economy of means. In this, the art of the engineer is ever present, hiding in plain sight. This is what we do.
The Golden Ratio
The Golden Ratio.  http://www.ancient-origins.net
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